This is part 1 of a 4 part series. Winkie taught this series fairly often and you can find a video version on in either a 2 Part or 8 part version. For those who llike to listen on the go this is our latest version in audio.

This episode turns out to be a Q&A session for the week that Winkie has been at this location and not Part 2 of “Divine Order Of Truth.”

This session was given to a YWAM school in Hawaii. The idea behind this is that truth is revealed in a particular order or sequence, according to the Bible.

This is a continuation of episode #34; there's no point in listening to this if you haven't listened to that one first. This part divdes the "gifts" from the "motivations."

Part one of "Ministry Gifts" by Winkie Pratney. Great information to help you understand yourself as well as others when it comes to what motivates people to behave the way they do among the Body Of Christ.

The final session in the series that started with episode #26. This one is brief; I suspect Winkie simply ran out of time in the afternoon session and just finished up with this short evening session.

This is the penultimate session from a series that started with episode #26. It is reccomended that you listen to #26-31 before listening to this one. The final episode will be next week.

Scripture erferences:
2 Tim 3:14:3-4
Col. 1:15-17
Acts 12:1-10

Continuing last week's episode. This series began with episode #26, Four Fundamental Needs." It might be helpful to go back and begin with that podcast.

These 2 tapes cover the topic of Four Steps To the Destruction Of A Nation.

Here are some of the Scripture references for episode one:

Duet. 6:12; 8:7-20 (Ps 9:17, 50:14, 22-23; Jer 2:31-32)
Duet. 4:5-9,23-28 (II Kgs 17:38; Ps 78:1-8, 10-11)
Jer. 2:11-13, 26-28 (Deut. :15-19, 23-28)
Judges 3:7 (Ps. 106:21,28-29; Rom. 1:30)
Jn 1:21: Mat 11:14: II Kgs. 2:1-12; Mt 17:3

Conclusion to the sessions on spiritual counterfeits to the "Four Basis Needs" Parts 1 & 2.

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