Part 1 follow-up to the last 2 podcasts, which were "Four Basic Needs." It would be a good idea to listen to #26 & 27 ahead of these but not absolutely necessary.

Part 2 of the message "Four Fundamental Need." Do yourself a favor and listen to MOH Podcast #26 first.

For part 2 get out your Bible as Winkie asks antendees to read verses and you can't really hear what they are saying.

Part one of a two part series on the four fundamental needs of humans for surviving in society.

Simon and Garfunkel's "Mrs. Robinson"

"Harper Valley PTA"

Winkie talks about false Christs and the good and bad of the Jesus Movement.

This is a rare tape of Winkie preaching rather than teaching. Be prepared to come under conviction as Winkie talks about the, Road To Ruin."

A seldom heard message that you may have never heard in church. You can't love your neighbor as yourself if you can't love yourself.

There are many temptations that face those in ministry. Winkie touches a many of these and offers ways to avoid or overcome them.

Here are some links relating to this message.

Free As S Slave
Witnessing Like Jesus
Power From On High - Charels G. Finney

This topic is rarely discussed but is one of the more important, neccessary topics for people to understand. Come along and let Winkie Pratney give you his take of the subject.

This message, "Love & Selfishness," is one of the most fundamental, foundational messages for the Christian life.

You may also want to download the free PDF file called "The Law Of Love" from the Minsitry Of Helps website.

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