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This message, "Love & Selfishness," is one of the most fundamental, foundational messages for the Christian life.

You may also want to download the free PDF file called "The Law Of Love" from the Minsitry Of Helps website.

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This is just a taste of what we know about God from the Bible. Much more information can be had at the following websites:

Absolutes Of Wonder: Lo-Res streaming video at
Absolutes Of Wonder: Hi-Res downloads for purchase at

The King And His Kingdom Free downloadable PDF file.

Also, visit and receive the FREE download of the month each month durignthe year.

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Another tape from the Reedly revival in 1971 featuring Winkie Pratney speaking about the conditions of salvation. Here are some resources that go with this session:

1) Youth Aflame! 2.0
2) Witnessing Like Jesus
3) These Are the Facts

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An early Winkie tape from the summer of 1971 at Reedly, California. Today Winkie talks a little bit about a lot of things having to do with God's subjects; us.

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