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Here is a message on the Parable Of the Soils. This is part 1 with Part 2 to follow.

Here are the links to the tracks Winkie mentions during this session:

Religion Of Fear
The Carnal Christian
People Pleasers
Me Or Adam
Man And the Origin Of Evil

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I've often heard the question, "What's the difference between the soul and the spirit?" Winkie Pratney briefly goes into that question on today's podcast. We do have a link to a PDF file that covers this topic in more detail here:

Man And the Origin of Evil

Soul Of A Man video, Eric Burdon.

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Winkie Pratney talks about being a Renaissance Man and a Reformation Man. This tape gives you some tips on how to reach your culture for Jesus.

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This is the follow-up to, "Revolution Through Restitution," and is timely even today after all these years since the 1970s. The tract called "Revolutionary Faith" can be found at,

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Christianity is not for wimps! If you are a wimp, go elsewhere. If you want to be a true disciple, welcome. In this episode, Winkie Pratney talks about the concept of restitution, something that is seldom discussed in church but is a necessity if you want to walk with Christ. If you dare, have a listen.

Links for this podcast:
Counterfeit Conversion Part 1
Counterfeit Conversion Part 2
Counterfeit Conversion Part 3
Hurt & Bitterness
Youth Aflame!
Youth Aflame! (Spiral bound; good for teaching as you can open it up and lay it out flat.)

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